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Briston is a relatively new watch brand with a signature look. One of the brand’s most iconic collections is Briston’s Streamliner Skeleton watches. Today we will be exploring this collection and providing some recommendations of the top
Briston Watches truly has an eye for the extraordinary. Since the brand’s founding in 2012 by Brice Jaunet, it has made a name for itself with its very distinctive silhouette. The founder’s years of expertise in the watch industry, alongside a fa
  The Briston Clubmaster. The Clubmaster collection is made up from 6 different model collections; Sport, Vintage, Iconic, Diver, Chic, and the collection we are looking at today, the Briston Clubmaster Classic. The Clubmaster is defined by it&#

Briston Watches

Authorised retailer for Briston Watches. Briston watches are a collection of sport and chic watches which have proven incredibly popular with consumers. Briston is a French brand which is born out of a very British spirit, drawing on the British style found in the polo fields, cricket pitches as well as in Oxford and Cambridge. Briston are inspired by this chic yet casual style with hints of occasional quirkiness. The watches can also be described as having a vintage sport aesthetic which looks fantastic on the wrist. These luxury watches are priced at a level which treads the line between high-end jewellery and affordable accessories.

The History of Briston Watches

Briston watches was founded in 2012 by Brice Januet, who had been in the watchmaking business for 15 years. Brice had worked for many of the biggest names in the watchmaking world prior to founding Briston. He started with Richemont before moving on to Raymond Weil and Zenith. It is often said that you have to follow you dreams, so in 2012 Brice Januet did just that. He set out with several Swiss designer friends to create a watch brand which reflected his personality, his thoughts and his research. He aimed to create a beautiful and authentic timepiece which was also affordable. Since its launch, Briston watches have expanded in popularity, being sold in high end shops around the world.

The Clubmaster Model

Briston state that the Clubmaster model “was born from the marriage of shape and materials”. The “cambered square” shape is a design that comes from the roaring twenties and creates a very unique look. This look is perfectly demonstrated in the Briston Mens Clubmaster Vintage Green Fabric Strap and the Briston Unisex Clubmaster Chic Grey Acetate PVD Rose Gold . The material used in the watch creation is cellulose acetate, a material usually used in very high end eyeware. It’s a natural, hypoallergenic material developed from 70% cotton fibre and flowers. The collection is presented on Natio straps, which you will almost certainly recognise from the wrist of 007 James Bond! They are made from tough, water resistant nylon and really help to deliver the sporty-chic vintage feel that Briston watches do so well.

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