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Squale is a brand with a long history in the field of maritime horology. Their watches are durable, functional and are the product of years of hard work and research. The company was founded in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in the 1950s under the name Von
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Squale Watches

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Squale Brand History

Squale was founded by Charles and Hélène von Büren in the Swiss city of Neuchâtel. The brand started off under the name of Von Büren SA. In 1959 a trademark was obtained under the name Squale. The brand manages to establish itself as one of the first developers of the professional diving watch. In the late 1960s and then in 1970, freediving legends Enzo Maiorca and Jacques Mayol set immersion records wearing Squale watches. This solidified the brand’s position in diving circles. In 2005 the brand made its return with the rise in popularity of the vintage style. Their comeback was met with immediate success and praise from the international watch community. Recently the brand has taken steps to return to their roots. Moving back their headquarters to Switzerland and refocusing the company’s values on the design and optimization of their products.

Squale Style

Even today Squale watches continue to have a subtle vintage appeal to their designs. Due to their extensive background and longstanding legacy in diving watches Squale understands that putting their customers first is the key to success. The brand's models are reliable, lightweight and undeniably durable. Squale has taken its expertise and the experience of divers in order to create a line of timepieces like no other.

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