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Garmin are a technology company who have been especially well known for their development of GPS technology. Garmin wearables have been available since the beginning of the last decade with an especially large collection being developed for running and cycling. These devices have become especially popular as they link Garmin's GPS technology with fitness tracking technology. By merging the two popular technologies into one device Garmin wearables were sure to be a hit with customers.

The most popular range of Garmin wearables are the Garmin Foreunner devices. These devices are popular because they start at extremely affordable prices for beginners, but add more complex features on the higher end models. Other devices like the Vivosmart look similar to extremely popular fitness bands and include cool additional features WhatsApp messages. Whether you're looking for something to simply measure your heartbeat or you're looking for a more complex device with all sorts of bells and whistles, Garmin will have something for you.

Garmin has become very well known for its partnerships and sponsorship deals with sports teams. In 2007 they began a sponsorship deal with Premier League football club Middlesbrough FC which lasted two years. More recently Garmin began a worldwide partnership with Premier League club Southampton FC, which is the city where Garmin's head office is located. Garmin also sponsored a biking team in the UCL World Tour between 2008 and 2015 who were most recently known as Team Cannondale-Garmin.

Garmin wearables are becoming incredibly popular for their fantastic functionality but also because they look good too. If you're looking for a quality wearable device to help you achieve your fitness goals then Garmin devices are perfect for you.

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