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Tom Hope Jewellery Banner

Tom Hope Jewellery

Authorised retailer for Tom Hope Jewellery. Tom Hope is a style that is derived from the nautical look, inspired by like- minded adventurers who like travelling the sea. Each of their products are handmade with care and have the iconic nautical symbol on all of their pieces, an anchor.

Their Story

Quality of their products is one of the most important aspects of this brand. These bracelets as mentioned are handcrafted in southern Sweden in their studio in Stockholm by highly skilled jewellery manufacturers.

Brand Style

The aim of their jewellery range is to create a product that is timeless, simple yet sophisticated and also has no gender and can be worn by anyone. One of the great things about this jewellery brand is that anyone can wear their product as it is adaptable to age as well as gender. We stock a variety of their bracelets in many different colours so you can pick the bracelet which is right for you and your look. Prices for this brand start as low as £36.

About Tom Hope Jewellery Watches
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